A couple of takeaways from this game. For one Mut 23 coins, I've been hesitant to join the Bears wagon because there's something I'm not sure about regarding Mitch Trubisky. I think the Bears are the most effective team in the opening half of games, and even better in the first quarter. They've led at halftime in each game they've played , only to have a slowdown in the second period. Could that be because Trubisky's not on his opening line of script or Matt Nagy is off his script, which means they're not as efficient? I'm leaning towards Trubisky being off as the times he's demonstrated that he'll miss easy throws. Although the Bears defense is, in 2018 the quarterback and the offense must be playing at a high-level to be successful in the playoffs.

That said, I think it's time to buy into the Bears as they are one year away from Super Bowl contention. The Lions might not be alive at the moment, but Chicago went on the road to a division rival with an alternate quarterback on an unseasonably short time frame and came out on top. That's huge. Washington could not do it.

Today, Chase Daniel showed why it is commonplace for him to be paid big amount to play as a backup. He was 27-37 for 230 yards with two scores. This game showed that Matt Nagy is a legit coach. He wasn't before but the Bears offense was able perform well under the circumstances. They didn't really have an offensive game, but they played with guys who were open all day.

Nagy made a few subtle adjustments in the game , which I consider to be important but often overlooked. In the beginning they tried a few deeper passes, however, Chase was just a little off. That's not surprising as Chase's not even working with wide receivers during practice at full speed. In the second half, those disappeared. More efficient throws and quicker completions. Great adjustments madden 23 coins buy.