WoW Classic is WoTLK Classic Gold showing to be extremely popular, that players have to endure lengthy server queues despite the fact that Blizzard added an additional four servers ahead of launch.

WoW Classic, as its name suggests it's a re-release of WoW, the original MMO of 2004 with some functional changes. The game is free for current players of WoW. For moreinformation, read P2Pah's rundown of everything you must be aware of concerning WoW Classic.

WoW Classic's Launch Server Queue Timelines Were very long

World of Warcraft Classic launched this week, but players quickly found it rather difficult to get into the servers of the game. The virtual line to get in was very, very long, not to mention those lines within the game.

With World of Warcraft 's popularity as a quick scan of Twitch showed that there were 1.1 million people watching the game. Therefore, it's no surprising that so many people would like to join WoW Classic. However, it is incredible that so many of the servers of the game are filled quickly--especially since Classic's servers hold thousands cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold more than the original WoW's servers. To get a sense of the time it's taking to fill, have a look at the below image. The image is taken from our efforts to get into WoW Classic.