WoW Classic The WoW Classic: Issues WoTLK Classic Gold Known At Release (Besides the Long Queues and In-Game Waits)

World of Warcraft 's much-anticipated "Classic" edition--which lets players play the MMO the way it was decade ago, before the expansions--is now available. It's not without challenges however, since Blizzard has just revealed a long list of "known issues" to buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold be addressed prior to the launch. And that's there's nothing to do with the lengthy queues for servers or of the literal lines of players that are being formed to fulfill their game goals.

In an announcement on its blog, Blizzard said it hopes to address these issues as soon as possible, but Blizzard also admitted that it's unclear when or even if a particular issue will be fixed. The known issues span several different aspects of WoW Classic, including art animation, sound, and animation combat, creatures and NPCs, UI, and buffs, spells and abilities.

It's possible to see a complete overview of all known issues below. They're current on the 26th of August. Additionally, Blizzard said the list isn't comprehensive, instead , it's a "sampling" of certain issues they expect players to encounter "with the occasionality."