In addition, Blizzard WoTLK Classic Gold also reminded players that all World of Warcraft subscribers have been upgraded to gain access to Mists of Pandaria content for no cost. This announcement comes ahead of the release of the latest World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor, which will be released on November 13.

In preparation for the expansion, Blizzard last week launched an free Iron Tide content update which brought a number of new improvements to the game including a World of Warcraft event, updated characters, improved interfaces, and more.Over the many years, Blizzard has made World of Warcraft an experience that allows everyone to take part in whenever they want to do it. Dungeons. Raids. Battlegrounds. Arenas. World Quests. Mount collecting. Pet collecting. Pet battles. Fishing tournaments. Transmog outfits. In the event that you only have only five or five hours, there's something you can do. There's a simple way to get started making it happen the moment you log on. The changes have been accompanied by a question that seemed impossible to Blizzard to address: "Can you let me play WoW the way it was previously played?"

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