With the latest WoTLK Classic Gold patch in place to all areas of the game has been upgraded to include the ability to scale levels. Prior to this, it was only available with the Legion expansion however, it's now available for all game. As per Blizzard, "This new scaling system significantly increases the number of choices you can make when choosing where to go and when you should move to the next zone." In addition, the dungeons that are corresponding to them are also scaling as the rewards you earn from beating them.

As you might have guessed that prior to this update WoW's system of levelling put new players in a starting area starting at level 1-10 or so. Then, they'd move into higher-level areas within certain levels. However, as stated by Kotaku the beginning area is now level-scaling to levels 1-20. Once you're at the level of 10. you are able to transfer to different areas that vary between 10-60 levels. Then the new zones will be accessible at every 5 levels. This is a bit more complicated than this, and you can get a full explanation of the new feature of level scaling at WoWhead.

The latest WoW patch is more than simply adding the new system of level-scaling. It also improves the game's in-game S.E.L.F.I.E. camera more accessible and includes more filters for it. A brand new Battleground, Seething Shore, is also available, and there are buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold some tweaks to the various classes WoW offers and classes. The full patch notes below, which are published on WoW's website.