Changzhou Corn Biobased Packaging's expertise in customer consultation is based on over 10 years of experience in plastics processing. Whether it's in relation to design, the choice of materials or the appropriate production technology, we work with our customers to develop competitive, high-quality, attractive packaging solutions.


Our creative designers develop the ideal design concept for the respective market. From the very first sketches, the focus is on technical feasibility in addition to the shape, colour and feel.

CORN BIOBASED has rich experience to help customers make their ideas into real objects that can be actually produced and used.


We check ideas at an early stage to achieve our goals as efficiently as possible. Before pilot tools are built or samples implemented, our designers can already start making optimizations. Besides, using sample molding or printing 3D samples to double check the developed product meets our customers' requirements.


We have our own government's certified Engineering Technology Research Center. After getting the samples, we will test from the materials to finished products in our performance testing laboratory or microbiology laboratory.


At CORN BIOBASED, we prefer to build our own tools. Our own ultra-modern mold shops ensure that we are independent of suppliers and that our development processes have the flexibility they need. Optimum, low-maintenance tools are required to ensure efficient production processes and optimized cycle times. We are constantly further developing machine and tool technologies.

To cover spikes in demand, we also cooperate with selected tool construction partners that are certified by CORN BIOBASED.


Before packaging can be mass-produced, our team of experts in our Process Technology department defines the parameters for production in order to meet our customers' desired quality criteria as efficiently as possible. Production conditions are simulated on pilot machines and the process is continually improved until quality and production efficiency meet the customer's requirements.


As CORN BIOBASED can offer plastic injection mold and blow mold solution from creative design and independent tool and mold construction to process engineering, our customers receive samples based on their specifications within just a few weeks of the initial briefing. This enables our customers to examine marketing ideas. And after sample confirmed, we will ship the products to customers' hand via convenient transportations from Shanghai port or Ningbo port.

A Wide Range of Standard Products

Over the years, the CORN BIOBASED group has built up an enormous pool of standard packaging. With our Standard Product Catalogue, we provide over 600 standard packagings to our customers.