Elden Ring gives players several spells to select from, which have their uses. You'll usually see yourself facing groups of enemies within the Lands Between or larger enemies with huge hitboxes, making the spell Crystal Burst a really useful one.

Some of the more powerful spells players may use are hidden further into the game or rewards for later game bosses. With Elden Ring's open world, players can locate more spells early when they know where you can look, given magic builds a wider selection of spells to tackle some from the difficult early game bosses.

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Where To Find Crystal Burst

Crystal Burst is available very early in the game, however, you should get Torrent first to help with the distance traveled and also the subsequent fight. This spell is obtained by defeating the Demi-Human Queen mini-boss located within the Demi-Human Forest Ruins across the northern edge of the Weeping Peninsula. The boss will drop the spell when defeated and it is located in the middle of the ruins, able to be seen externally.

Elden Ring Runes

The Demi-Human Queen isn't that difficult of the boss at early levels, specifically for those who fight this battle on horseback. There will be several other demi-humans within the ruins you will need to avoid when you focus on the Queen, as defeating the Queen can make the rest harmless. Make quick hits and works on the Queen as she's able to use Crystal Burst, which deals a lot of damage in a close range. After defeating the Queen, you'll receive Crystal Burst and also the Demi-Human Queen's Staff.

How To Use Crystal Burst

Crystal Burst requires 18 intelligence to memorize, trying out one memory slot, and charges 14 FP to cast. This spell includes a short cast sometimes and a low stamina cost for every cast, which makes it a perfect quick-fire spell that deals pure magic damage. This spell fires multiple flintstone shards forward inside a scattered pattern, which makes it an easy cast for short-range attacks but very inaccurate in a longer range.

This spell is better used like a shotgun-type spell, deploying it against categories of close enemies or larger enemies for additional shards hitting them. This spell will quickly be outclassed by other stronger spells but is a superb option for early-game magic builds and an ideal spell for going through the open world that's often full of categories of enemies. This spell is another great spammable spell using its low FP cost. The Demi-Human Queen's staff is another powerful staff that pairs well together with your new spell and may help it deal more damage when compared to a starting or early game staff you will have up until now.