1. Synthetic compressor lubricants help you prepare for the future

Air compressors lubricant oil play an important role in fulfilling our environmental responsibility. Switching from mineral to synthetic lubricants not only guarantees excellent compressor performance in all conditions, but also improves the sustainability of your compressed air system and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Synthetic Lubricants Lower Your Energy Costs

Do you know? By using Atlas custom synthetic lubricants in your oil injected screw air compressors, you can reduce energy costs, reduce lubricant consumption and maximize uptime.

Good viscosity (lubricant thickness) during operation

Reduced friction loss

Excellent air release avoiding double compression air bubbles

Viscosity behavior is more stable over the entire service life

3. Environmentally friendly synthetic lubricating oil

Using synthetic lubricants is an easy way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and environmental impact. Switching to synthetic lubricants can help you:

reduce crude oil production

Reduce transportation needs

reduce packaging costs

Air compressor Consumable Material Supplier - Youteng

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