Compressed air systems are generally placed in compressor rooms. Generally, there are two situations, one is that it is installed in the same room as other equipment, or it can be a room specially designed for compressed air system. In both cases, the room needs to meet certain requirements to facilitate the installation and ergonomics of the compressor.

1. Where should the compressor be installed?

The main rule in the installation of compressed air systems is to arrange a single central area for the compressors. 

Second, a separate area of the plant used for other purposes can also be used for compressor installation. Such installations should take into account certain risks and inconveniences. For example:Interference due to noise or ventilation requirements of the compressor; Physical risks and overheating risks; Condensate drain; Hazardous environments (e.g. dust or flammable substances); Space requirements and service accessibility for future expansion.

However, installation in a workshop or warehouse can facilitate the installation of energy recovery devices. It can also be installed outdoors under a roof if there are no facilities available for installing the compressor indoors. In this case, certain issues have to be taken into account: the risk of freezing of condensed water; rain and snow protection of air intakes, suction openings and vents; the required solid, level foundations(asphalt, concrete slab or flat tile bed); dust; the risk of flammable or corrosive substances and prevent other foreign matter from entering.

2. Compressor placement and design

Distribution system wiring should be performed for installations of compressed air equipment with long piping. Compressed air equipment is installed close to auxiliary equipment such as pumps and fans to facilitate servicing and maintenance; the building should be equipped with lifting equipment sized to handle the heaviest component of the compressor installation (usually the electric motor) and to have access to a forklift. It should also have enough floor space to install additional compressors for future expansion. Also, the clearance height must be sufficient to suspend an electric motor or similar equipment if required. Compressed air equipment should have floor drains or other means to handle condensate from compressors, aftercoolers, air receivers, dryers, etc.

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