The hydromassage bath is an experience full of sensations. Relaxation and comfort in its purest form. The possibility of being able to bathe in a whirlpool tub helps to improve the quality of life. Your jets massage your muscles, relax them and bring you into a state of absolute calm. In our hot tub guide you can find your perfect tub.


And what's better than a hot tub and wooden saunas? One with essential oils. Baths with essences allow the relief of ailments, facilitate relaxation, improve the condition of the skin, etc. For this reason, it is referred to as aromatherapy and is increasingly being offered in spa and spa areas. Aromatherapy is a herbal technique that involves the use of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants and benefits for health. And that your inhalation can be a remedy for some ailments, help with skin care or relax the body. We offer a series of essential oils to prepare a good hydromassage bath and awaken the senses.


Sandalwood whirlpool

Sandalwood has a very special, woody aroma. It is usually used for relaxation, as it provides mental calm. It is widely used in meditation activities because, while it provides tranquility, it does not numb the person. Ideal for a hydromassage bath to get in harmony before continuing the day.


Lavender whirlpool bath

Lavender oil is one of the most used in aromatherapy. It is mainly used to treat sleep problems because it promotes sleepiness. Its sedative effect in the hydromassage bath can be very useful for sleeping. Additionally, lavender is also used for skin treatments.


Azahar Jacuzzi

Hydromassage baths with essential oils of orange blossom are perfect for treating insomnia, thanks to their soothing properties they allow you to fall asleep. It is usually recommended when suffering from stress and distress.