Positive displacement Atlas air compressors include:

Atlas piston air compressor

Atlas scroll air compressor

Atlas screw air compressor

Positive displacement compressors have a cavity that allows a volume of gas to enter the machine at atmospheric pressure. The chamber then becomes smaller, decreasing in volume while increasing the gas pressure. For example, on a piston compressor, the piston moves up the cylinder, shrinking the space above it, which means the air has to increase in pressure to fit in the smaller cavity.

In a twin rotor compressor, air is trapped and sealed between the male and female rotor profiles. As the rotors rotate and engage, air is pushed into smaller and smaller spaces along the rotors, and the pressure will increase again to allow a given volume of air to fit into the cavities in the compression chambers.

There are several single rotor compressor types - vane, liquid ring and scroll. Atlas Copco regards the  SF scroll compressor as its main product in this category. Some vacuum pumps also use this technique. But in a scroll compressor, a single helical rotor oscillates over similar fixed helixes, and as these helixes move toward each other, the cavity that traps air between them gets progressively smaller. The reduction in volume forces an increase in intake pressure for a fixed volume.

Air quality: Oil-free vs. oil-injected air compressors

Atlas Copco has a wide range of products that can practically meet a variety of compressed air needs. So why don't we start with air quality, the main categories of which are oil injection technology and oil-free compressor technology. Most air compressors on the market rely on oil in the compression chamber for lubrication, sealing and cooling, but of course this means that some oil gets mixed into the air and tiny oil droplets travel through the machine and end up in the air network, eventually into a process or product.

Some oil-free air solutions available use oil-injected compressors with filter packs, but this is not 100% guaranteed to be oil-free. If your process cannot tolerate any oil in contact with your product, an oil-free air compressor is a great way to ensure there is no oil contamination. Simply put, an oil-free air compressor ensures that no oil or grease can enter the compression area of the compressor. The compression methods are similar in nature, but oil-free compressors are designed to use alternative sealing methods to ensure that oil cannot enter the compression space.

Atlas air compressors

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