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"I hold Master and Bachelor degrees in Software Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal and have a background in artificial intelligence.

I am self-taught in philosophy, psychology and ethics. I am interested in neuroscience and Buddhism, and in the relationship between our inner subjective reality and our outer objective reality. I am an environmentalist, an anti-speciesist, an egalitarian and an anarchist. I am social activist, and I believe that love is the most powerful engine in the pursuit of alleviating suffering – my main ethical priority – and I strives to create bridges and partnerships between social change groups with diverse approaches.

I am co-founder of Vegan Option Canada and an active member of the Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering (OPIS) and of the Algosphere Alliance. I am currently a Community Organizer of Animal Rebellion Turtle Island (North America). I am involved in the CarbonFace project."
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